Projects we fund Below is the list of all the projects we consider funding

  • We financial all  projects across all aspects of energy chain development, including:
    Development and exploration
    Financial viability assessment
    Technical feasibility
    Construction of gas and liquids processing facilities on and offshore
    Securing and developing strategic partnerships
    Government and stakeholder relations to secure governmental and regulatory approval
    Feasibility studies
    Gas pipeline technology and construction
    Creation and development of transmission, distribution, and storage
    Construction and expansion of oil and gas grids
    Economic impact studies and feasibility
    The development of new and existing industrial clusters
    Investment in energy-intensive industries such as petrochemicals
    Investment in gas-fed power generation projects and conversion programs

  • JostSeeger LLP will directly provide both Debt Financing & Equity Capital Funds for joint ventures for USA

    and International real estate development projects and alternative energy projects. The following is a summary of just one of the joint venture programs JostSeeger LLP has to offer.

    JostSeeger LLP will provide 100% equity financing that covers all project costs including land acquisition, development, and construction and equipment costs. There is no interest charged during the term of the investment. Instead, the USA-based investment fund takes a minority equity position within the proposed project as compensation for the investment, with the buyout options determined during formal underwriting.

    Investment Criteria for Joint Venture Financing: financing for all types of commercial real estate and alternative energy projects. In general, they must meet the following criteria:

    • The project is for NEW DEVELOPMENTS ONLY, needing $1 million or more;
    • The project must be shovel-ready–defined as ready to break ground in 90 days or less;
    • The project must be sponsored by an experienced developer with a significant financial stake.
    • Asset-based loans, including In-Ground Assets;
    • Corporate expansion loans;
    • International Funding; and
    • Hard money loans.
    • Hotel Resorts and Casinos
    • Assisted Living/Senior Housing
    • Apartment Buildings/Multifamily Housing
    • Alternative/Renewable Energy (i.e., solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, etc.)
    • Green Energy (i.e., biofuel/biodiesel, biomass, waste-to-energy, etc.)
    • Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
    • Infrastructure (roads, highways, rail, etc.)
    • College and University Buildings
    • Public-Use and Recreational Facilities
    • Industrial Projects
    • Other Related Types

    Locations: USA and International, excluding China, India, Africa, Russia and the Middle East (we have other potential sources for those areas)


  • (w/the option of a Bridge Loan Financing to secure Acquisition Contracts. 10-days Closing. Call  for details!)

    • 100% equity financing
    • Typically three to five-year term
    • Non-recourse financing
    • No interest payments during term of investment
    • Minority equity stake in lieu of interest
    • Take out with permanent financing or sale

    Time to Closing: 60 to 90 days

  • (w/the option of a Bridge Loan Financing to secure Acquisition Contracts. 10-days Closing. Call  for details!)

    • A 60% loan and a 40% purchase of shares in project company to give 100% financing
    • Maximum term for loan 10 years
    • Interest rates on loan for USD 4.5% or on Euro 4%
    • No interest payments during term of investment
    • Interest only payments on loan

    Time to Closing: 60 to 90 days

    Joint Venture Equity Participation:

    During formal underwriting, the investment fund will determine its equity participation in the project– typically 15%-40%. As such, they will take a minority interest in the project until completion/stabilization when they will look to exit the transaction via refinancing, the sale of the project, etc.

    • The developer pays no interest during the entire construction period–potentially saving millions of dollars in interest expense;
    • Because the investment fund participates as a 100% joint venture equity partner, they assume

    nearly 100% of the project risk until completion or stabilization;

    • This will allow the developer to reduce their up-front capital requirements while retaining a larger percentage of the project.
    • Get Started Today!
    • NO Upfront Fee to Pre-qualify!
    • LOI or conditional approval is issued typically within 24-72 hours of receipt of the required below Commercial Submission Documentation Package.
    • Fast Closing!
  • Required for Initial Review & Approval

    Please submit the below Documentation along your Business Plan Executive Summary for review to


    • CONSTRUCTION BUDGET including hard and soft costs
    • TIMELINE showing key points from beginning to completion of project
    • PROPOSED SALE PRICES AND MARKETING PLANS for completed units (if condominiums)
    • COMPARABLE SALES INFORMATION for both the residential apartments and any commercial space (if condominiums)
    • RENTAL ANALYSIS OF THE PROPERTY (based on the estimated rental value of the completed units, including any commercial space)
    • BACKGROUND/BIO ON EACH PARTNER emphasizing experience in development, renovation, construction, real estate, projects successfully completed
    • BACKGROUND/BIO/RECENT SIMILAR PROJECTS COMPLETED for architect, contractor and construction manager
    • COPY OF THE CONTRACT between developer and general contractor
    • Organization and Good Standing.
    • The Company’s Certificate of Good Standing, Articles of Incorporation and all amendments thereto.
    • The Company’s Bylaws and all amendments thereto.
    • A Certificate of Good Standing from the Secretary of State of the state where the incorporated.
    • A business plan/executive summary or other narrative describing the operations of the Company, its future plans and how such plans are to be achieved.
    • Business Profile – Business Summary Highlights
    • 3rd Party Feasibility & Market by Industry Professional Study (if applicable)
    • Provide evidence of your own cash liquid you invested and/or (2nd & 3rd party) in project thus far along with bank statement to support the payments for the project
    • Performa’s, Month-to-Month Financial Projections for the first 12 months following closing, and

    Annual Financial Projections for years 2-5.

    • Current- Personal Financial Statement
    • Organization chart with all employees and their compensation listed
    • A- Color (Copy) of Driver’s license and or passport
    • Marketing materials used by the business
    • Detailed historical monthly balance sheets, income statements and cash flows for the last 3 years and the current YTD period (Please confirm that interim financial statements are prepared on the same basis as that used for the most recent audited statement. If not, what are the adjustments recorded or accounts reconciled only at year end?).
    • Audited financial statements (if available) and management letters issued by auditors in respect of the audits.
    • A copy of the most recent business plan and/or budget covering 5 years.
    • Analysis of operating and general and administration expenses (and as a percentage of revenues) by significant category for the last three years and the current YTD period.


    • Through our success, we are able to provide the most advanced financial strategies to business clients and will able to fulfill their most demanding requests. We are prepared to provide solutions and a financial platform for all their funding requirements. Face to face meeting with prospective clients is available upon providing the necessary document in order to meet with our platform. 

      List of collateral items we can monetize:
      • Cash
      • Bank Guarantee (BG) [4% face value placed with top international law firm, issuance in      3 weeks, monetization, unsecured 
      • LTN [50-60% LTV depending on issuance and verification – fully KYC and screenshots     as well as bank to bank verification required]
      • Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) 
      • Certificate of Deposit (CD)
      • Bank Draft (BD) (issued as Letter of Credit)
      • Medium Term Note (MTN)
      • Interbank 
      • Energy Credits (Purchasing) 
      • Tax Credits (Purchasing) 
      • Public Listed Shares (non-recourse loan, no title transfer, min $5 per share) 
      • Sovereign Guarantee (Cash or Gold backed) 
      • Asset backed Guarantee 
      • Credit line activation 
      • Raising capital With minimum face value of 5m for bank instruments and up case by    case basic with LTV up to 90% 

      Must have: CIS, Passport, LOI (Letter of Interest) or LOR (Letter of Request) Copy of the instrument, ATV, Account Statement, History & Source of Funds, ATV, CIS, Passport, LOI Non-Solicitation Letter. 
      Every client must understand terms like risk scenario investment and non-risk scenario investment. Available for RWA clients:          
      1. Private structure buy sell –  
      2. Raise capital with 1M–2M (10 months BG trade) 
      3. CMO monetizing = We can pay 5% in 5 days after the CMO has been delivered to their account, free delivery. RWA clients inquiries should consist an accurate information, if there are discrepancies the LTV it can be considerably lower.

      We have access to cash back Stand By Letters of Credit (SBLC) and cash backed Bank Guarantees (BG) through certain Asian and Saudi banks [Noor Bank and ICBC]. One such bank is Mandiri Bank in Jakarta. My companies need assistance in establishing these banking accounts/relationships to monetize these instruments as well as utilize them for our commodity trading company. These instruments are real, have been reviewed for authenticity and are totally compliant with International banking regulations. The instruments vary in size from $1billion USD to $20 billion USD. The collateral holders of these instruments are looking for an investment vehicle with companies such as mine for International investments, we structure the monetization, insurance, and development of these important banking relationships and then create a value for our funding commitments that may “lack” the important “credibility” factor needed to close these transactions. 
    • Real Property – Listing of all real estate owned, leased, subleased, or used:
    • State whether the property is owned or leased (whether as lessor or lessee) and list the entity or individual which holds the title or lease and describe the property, liens thereon, structures, lease provisions, use, and location.
    • Copies of all deeds, leases, mortgages, sales contracts, purchase sale agreement executed, surveys, sublease contracts, appraisals, environmental studies, and with respect to leased properties, all notices of default under such leases and estoppel letters executed by the Company.
    • Zoning information and records relating to zoning violations, approvals, special exceptions, and nonconforming uses.
    • All existing real property interests, including without limitation rights of first refusal, etc., relating to any property listed.
    • Leases – Copy of all leases, licenses and similar agreements relating to real property, with all schedules and amendments thereto.
    • Reports and Policies – All title and appraisal reports and title insurance policies with respect to any properties or assets of the Company.
    • Other Leases – Copies of all leases to moveable property and personal property.
    • Asset Lists – Copies of all asset lists, including a list of all assets not located on real property owned or leased by the Company.
    • An LOI or conditional approval is issued typically within 24-72 hours of receipt of receiving the above required basic documentation.
    • The LOI will provide detailed information about the rate, terms costs and conditions of the loan.
    • You can accept our offer or not. There is no cost or obligation up until this point.

Call today to get started with JostSeeger LP at our office (310) 980-5518 to speak to one of our Commercial Loan Officers. Please submit the Required Basic Documentation along with your Business Plan/ Executive Summary for review to